I’m so sleeeeeeeeeeepyyyyy

*Roger pokes him in the side with his fork.* "Done yet? If she can be decent in public why can't you?" ( now /i'm/ terrified. though i was thinking of drawing john and keith as bert and ernie the other day. guess i won't now.)

Did you just fork my boyfriend? *raises an eyebrow at the singer* That’s not decent behavior, now is itttttttt?

(I apologize deeply, I really do……though I always did picture bert/ernie as Pete/Keith if they ever lived together idk why. also I typed ‘bret’ instead of ‘bert’ and thought of bret michaels in puppet form. the terror will never end)

*croaks* Fiddle about fiddle about. *Roger shoots him a look and mouthes 'you're horrible'.* ( *kermit the frog voice* /I'm your wicked uncle kermie i'm glad you won't see or hear me./ *strums banjo threateningly in a minor key* never been felt up by a puppet before. (stop me. (bad puns bad puns) ) )

Nnnnnoooooo, *squirms in my chair, picking my fork up and pouting just a little* I put him on the bus to be safe, *I giggle, looking at John and nudging him in the side*

(oh god but what about the actual Ernie puppet being Uncle Ernie :////// i’m not sure which is worse - well they’re both a little terrifying to think about anyway)

I thought you couldn't do anon submissions anymore.

if you log out, you get the option to do a submission by email and it doesn’t display your url or anything

*surprised* "Well. That took a slightly unexpected turn. He's, still on the bus, mind you. Hasn't been, violated yet." (You <i>forgot</i> our <b>son?</b>)

'Yet?!' He'd better not be at all, the poor thing! Keith's not playing Uncle Ernie with our fucking frog! *I know I sound a little rude but I'm actually genuinely concerned about the well-being of the poor amphibian*

(I’M SO SORRY I didn’t mean to forget about our froggy offspring, honest, see - look I’ll go feed him and love him now)

I dont have any idea how I would send you the playlist without having you know who I am //:

awwww you can always do an anonymous submission!

"It's lovely. -Actually quick question before I go back up, is that /your/ frog on the bus- because I asked Keith, swears up and down he'd never seen it in his life and were it his it would be somewhere more appropriate like um.... 'Pete's underwear.' " *John looks incredibly proud.*

*I accidentally drop my fork with a clatter* Richard is NOT going in anybody’s underwear! Oh god please tell me he’s still in the box, yes it’s our frog, John and I stole him from the zoo yesterday.

kenney jones is love

kenney jones is light

kenney jones is life

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