I smell like chanel no 5 I am disgustingly posh

do you ever wander through sephora giving yourself a makeover using the tester products

so someone got busted smoking weed in their dorm

on the first fucking day of classes

tbh I hope I find a lady friend to get with bc girls are so much more appreciative of lingerie

so I went to Spencer’s and ended up buying lingerie that looks like a slutty french maid outfit

8 hours ago
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the two girls that my roommate and I share a bathroom with are so noisy

I have a fucking lecture tomorrow from 2-8 pm

love-is-just-a-miserable-lie said: You’ll do great!!

I hope so D:

they have me waitlisted for my main culinary class so I’m super anxious

if I don’t get a seat in that class, there is no point in even being here in school

I feel sick oh god

i’m so nervous for classes tomorrow