If you do that I'll really have to swat you hard then, or rather not, you know how they say punishing your kids n beatin' em never really works out. *he raises his eyebrows and takes a drag.*

*closes my eyes and lets out the smoke along with a small sigh of pleasure* Oh, don’t tempt me into being a bad child…the punishment would be one I’d be happy to serve and it would do no good to the justice system, *I mumble* You’re supposed to make me miserable with punishments.

*he takes it between his teeth, lighting it and holding the lighter up for you.* Mn, how will I know when I'm spoiling you then?

When I start acting like a little brat, *I mumble, lighting up and inhaling deeply, face screwed up as I hold my breath in*

Welcome To Japan

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*he flicks the lighter watching the flame spark a couple times.* What if I want it to happen again? Or are you just trying to get me to spank you.

I just wanna be spanked. *shrugs again and hands him a joint* How about we compromise - you spank me for this infraction, but I let it happen again so you can spank me again. That way we both get more of what we want.

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I need cute little things to put on my wall

Sure *he follows you out, suddenly shivering at the abrupt change from the crowded room to the night air on his skin.* Nah, good maid, Hotel Who's a little lax on that kind of stuff anyways. *he holds out his hand*

*slips him the lighter while I fiddle about with the bag, sorting the contents and divvying them up then selecting enough for one use* I take it I won’t get fired? Maybe you can give me a little spanking as a warning, I swear I won’t do it again!

*one girl is scrambling to find another record that isn't entirely novelty songs and John shouts Whooo. She ends up playing it safe with some Beatles. One guy groans and crosses his arms, the guy next to him starts crying.* Ah, whadda you wanna do? I haven't gotten any smokes on me.

Well, I’m a bad maid and - *digs into my top to produce a small bag that I flash only briefly before hiding it again* We could slip outside if you like.

*he shakes his head* Punch-drunk. Though I'm not saying that half a bottle orso of whiskey doesn't have anything to do with it. I'm madly in love in the time of the season, it's to be expected.

*shrugs* I can understand, Halloween’s my favorite time of the year as well. D’you fancy another dance or want a smoke break?

*he manages to get up, right up on you nearly toppling you in the process.* I'm sure that's a dance move, fuck if I know whatsit called. Definitely not the mashed potato *he laughs*, smashed potato.

Are you feeling smashed already? *smushes myself up against him to regain my balance* I think those dudes over there are way more smashed. *motions to a group of unsteady college boys over in the corner*

*he grins adoringly, holding onto you and dancing lower to the floor, his hands slipping and landing on his ass.* Sh-shit I'm slightly- drunker than I anticipated, could you help me up a little? *he holds up his arms, his jacket wide open by now and one side folded over on itself.*

*bursts out laughing, holding out my hands* Get uppppppp! *leans backward, tugging at him, meeting resistance from his bulkiness* 

*he holds it up and twists beside you to the song.* It's a Halloween standard but yeah, I guess so. It can be /our/ song, to mister and misses Munster.

*tugs my hand away to put my hands on his hips, twisting them in my grip and laughing* You’re my sweet little creep, mister Entwistle.