M, agreed. Still curious, what did you have in mind? Unless, you'd rather show than tell. *he tilts his head.* Tame is good, let's not find ourselves at domesticated. (*preoccupied with the finer things in life, like death.*)

Oh, I was just gonna r-ride you or something, *I mumble bashfully, blushing harder and biting my lip to stop a grin from spreading* Nothing too adventurous, but you know.. *bends myself down again to press a slightly sloppy kiss to a mark on his neck*

(this would be so much easier if I were just a skeleton as I so wish. no desires, no cares in the world would distract me. ah, the good life)

Driving you mad just thinking about it. *he inhales slowly, chest rising.* I'm not a sadist, I really don't want to hurt you, but it happens sometimes. Not really built to be gentle, that's up to me. *he breathes out and looks at you intent.* (*accidentally lacks no sexual desires whatsoever and presents no evidence of it in rp*)

I wouldn’t tell you to purposely hurt me, I wouldn’t mind if it happened though, *I murmur, dropping my gaze to look at his bare chest* I certainly won’t do it tonight either because that’s something that other people shouldn’t be hearing us do. I was thinking something a little more tame, like I said *I blush, grinning as I raise an eyebrow*

(*accidentally thinks about sex all the time wtf julia you need to stop*)

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Could bloody f-fight each other, /really/ have to take you hard. Not all worried about hurtin' you. *his voice drops low.* -You, like that?

*i pause a bit and close my eyes as I sigh and nod* Mmmmmh, I do, I like that. Call me a masochist, I dunno, I just - *lifts my head a little to give him a slightly sultry glance* Just the thought of you doing that to me turns me on so fucking much.

*he twitches when you lick him, otherwise still so calm and patient.* Mm, like tie me down and attack me, have me all sweet and submissive.... dolled up and cute. *he grins.* Fuckin' ridiculous. How bout somethin' so kinky and perverted it would make Keith Moon blush.

Well I definitely wasn’t thinkin’ of having you dolled up, but kinky and perverted would work, if we could get to agreein’ on what’s so disgusting that it turns us both on, *I hum and start trailing kisses along his chest, stopping to lap gently at one of his nipples* I’d probably try about anything, you know. Sweet and submissive is nice but I kinda like the thought of something much rougher.

*he sighs, craning his head up a little.* What, wouldja do if you were truly to have your wicked way with me? Somewhere more private, thicker walls and maybe a bigger bed.

Hm, probably somethin’ terribly naughty, *I mumble, blushing and nipping there before nuzzling my lips down to a spot just under his collarbone* Prob’ly just have a rollicking good screw, something kinky and noisy and ooooh. *shivers for effect as I lick a line across his breastbone*

Insatiable, absolutely. *he smirks.* Maybe you could show me and I'll decide if I'm interested. *he sits his hands in his lap and relaxes, waiting patiently to see what you'll do.*

Show you? Hmmmm…..well I’ll go for the more tame one since the walls are awfully thin, *I sigh theatrically, rolling and moving to straddle his lap again, taking his hands and holding his arms out just a bit* This is basically how it started, just nice, innocent playin’ around…and then this, *leans down and kisses his neck, slowly starting to suck on a patch of skin*


your favourite celebrity could be pooping right now

Just? What did you have in mind? You /know/ about my day job I don't think it was light conversation. *he draws his finger up to your chin and taps it.*

Oh, eheh like you couldn’t guess, knowing me? I’m terrible, insatiable, Jun. *laughs gently and kisses his hand before he can move it away* We don’t have to do anything, we can snuggle together and end up falling asleep rather than trying to bring my terrible thoughts to fruiton.

*flatly* Got the constitution of an ox. *he yawns slightly* Not til I've decided I'm had enough. I think you are but you won't admit it. *he prods you in the middle of your chest.*

Am not, *grumbles softly, moving to kiss his chin* If you’re tired we can just snuggle or do - you know whatever it is normal couples do when they’re in bed. Talk about their day jobs or something.

fun fact: you are your icon

Yes you are. I won't play with you anymore so now you're all dejected. Aren't you tired?

*flips over and smushes myself up to him, arms pressed against his chest* I’m not really tired. Are you? 

No, more, trying to tickle me and we'll see about it. Aw have I gotten you all put out now? *he moves behind you, propping his chin on your shoulder.*

Unh-uhhhh. *shakes my head but keeps my lips all pouted out and my arms stay crossed*